Monday, May 17, 2010

First pore fill

I did the pore fill on the body using Behlen's Pore O Pac. I used the mahogany colored stuff. It is brown like Hershey's syrup. It darkened things quite a bit. I'm kinda pleased with the result.

Over the weekend, I sealed the neck, dyed it, and also did pore fill. I'm not so happy with the neck, but it does look sorta aged, and goes with the body, I think. I might do it over and use dark shellac so I get a more even appearance.

Because the guitar has been stained, I can't just spread the Pore O Pac on, and then sand it off. I am wiping it off just before it dries, which gets the pores mostly filled, but not all the way. To finish the pore fill, next I plan to use pumice, alcohol, and a pad, and do it the way a french polisher would.

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