Sunday, March 21, 2010

The upper bout

On my first guitar I installed the popsicle brace across the upper bout. The "popsicle brace" is much maligned because it restricts vibration in the upper bout and arguably doesn't do anything to keep the top from cracking in that area anyway. My solution to the problem was to install two smaller braces. I'll also glue the fingerboard extension very lightly to the top. The whole problem is that when a fingerboard is glued firmly to the top, the thin soundboard is no match for the thick fingerboard extension. When the fingerboard inevitably expands or contracts at a different rate than the soundboard, then your top will crack. Not even the popsicle brace will stop it. Anyway, here are the braces I installed...

The pic was taken by laying a mirror inside the guitar and pointing the camera through the soundhole at it. The braces are between the upper transverse brace and the neck block.

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