Monday, March 15, 2010

A Brazilian rosewood bridge

I've been more and more interested in making my own parts, to work towards doing scratch builds.

I bought some wood recently on ebay that I thought I would use to make a few bridges, and maybe even use one on this guitar.

The wood was advertised as a "quartersawn brazilian rosewood blank." The description said, "

After receiving the wood I held onto it for a little while, then cut it up at a friends' place on his bandsaw.

After the wood was cut, it didn't look very much like Brazilian rosewood at all. I my friend immediately said that this was not Brazilian, but it was Pau Ferro.

So I learned my lesson. Don't buy wood from bigmikeyc1on ebay. Store name is "Wooden Artistic Treasures." He either doesn't know what he has or he's deliberately deceptive. I don't think I'm going to buy wood on ebay anymore, from anyone who isn't recommended by someone that I trust, for that matter.

Just get a load of this BS:

I have been dealing with DALBERGIA NIGRA for about fifty years now. My Father made guitars in the New York City area and this came from his estate and was clearly marked. He would never touch Pau Ferro or Santos! This wood has been sitting around since 1987. When I cut into it there was a noticable Rose smell in the work shop maybe due to the large amount of cuttings. I have sold 47 blocks of this on Ebay with only one complaint, yours.

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