Sunday, March 21, 2010

The box is closed

Over the weekend my wife visited her brother and took the digital camera with her. So this, and the following posts, show all the progress I made in the past few days.

I glued the top to the sides, closing up the box. With my new radiused dishes, everything is much more accurate for me, than things were before.

For fun, here's how everything looks, with the parts all layed out.



Can you hear that? Shhh.

She's saying, "quit taking so long, and get this the heck over, so I can go home to Don and be played!"

I need to trim that nut, but I'll do that at the end.

The plan next is to rout the body for binding, set the dovetail neck, finish, glue the bridge on, and setup. We're getting near the end, already. But I've been known to take my time with things.

Don gets his choice between bone and ebony bridge pins. What do you reckon he should choose?

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