Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Headstock shapes

While waiting for the rim and neck block to arrive, I plan to cut out my headstock from the rosewood faceplate. I have a template that resembles the 30's Martin below, but I could easily leave the top corners pointy for a stately early look, as represented below by the Tony Rice model. Any preferences?

30's Martin

Santa Cruz Tony Rice

To cut out the headstock, I'm first gluing a paper template to the rosewood faceplate. I'll cut this out using a coping saw with a fine toothed blade. Then I'll glue that to the neck's headstock (once I have it), and cut it out using a bandsaw. After that, I'll sand the sides smooth.


  1. Feel free to ignore it, but my opinion is that the pointier headstock looks nicer. Huss & Dalton, Froggy Bottom, Collings, and Santa Cruz can't all be wrong.
    I have been thinking about what we discussed the other day about the radius dishes. If I recall correctly, you had to shim the back side of the neck block (mine ended up having a dimple after the clamps were removed). The radius dish will solve that problem by sanding the correct arch for you. The stick method just isn't accurate enough in my opinion... Let me know if you want to borrow my dish when you come through Bloomington.

  2. Nice of you to offer, but I'll get a dish some day. The problem I had with my last neck block had to do with me cutting it too short, like a dummy. After I glued the shim on, it sanded ok with the stick.

    On the last guitar I just spun the stick around with my hands, but on this build, I'm going to have a pole on a board, coming up thru the middle of the guitar, that the stick will spin around on.